Updated Bathroom In Old Farmhouse Gorham Maine


Gorham, Maine began as a township given to soldiers and their families as a reward for fighting in the Narragansett War of 1675. But people didn’t begin settling in the town until 1738, when Maine was still apart of Massachusetts territory. The first houses built in Gorham were constructed with logs chinked with moss and clay to frame, but the majority of these houses have since been demolished for safety reasons.

Fast forward to 1820 when Maine was established, Gorham came with the territory and became one of the first towns recognized in the state. Now imagine living in a house built in approximately 1800. The home that  you reside in was built before your state was even a state! That’s a situation we ran into recently when we were brought in to re-do a bathroom at an old farm house on Fort Hill Road. All of the framing in the walls was original from it’s original construction in the early 1800’s, this included the bathroom we had to demolish.

The bathroom was completely gutted to begin, nothing in the old bathroom was salvaged. A custom shower with a half wall and an open entryway was built with new white granite tile, in the shower is a multi-colored tile floor and a bench for comfort. A new toilet and sink were added to match the shower and the light panel floors. With the new floor plan and open shower it gives this bathroom much more accessibility, as well as a more appealing look. Naturally the ceilings have height to them, which makes the chandelier that much more accentuated.

This new bathroom is a great addition to an old farmhouse, and it does a good job of keeping the history to the place while adding a more modern feel. It’s spacious and functional, while also being a nice upgrade to match the rest of the home. The finished product ended up being a nice simple addition to a place that surely has a lot of interesting stories.

Updated Bathroom