Contracting with the VA

Keeping in mind all that our veterans have done for our country made this job extra memorable for Village Builders.


This bathroom was a first time opportunity for Village Builders to work

with the United States Veterans Administration (VA), and we are very proud of the results. The VA was responsible for providing the specifications for the job, and oversaw the work we did throughout the project.

Lloyed Egers is a retired U.S. Veteran and he deserves every bit of this beautiful masterpiece. Lloyed is suffering as a result of his service to our country, and we couldn’t have been happier to give back to him, and his family by constructing and providing exceptional service to them. Lloyed needed a wheelchair accessible bathroom and lift for his home, which you can see the results of. This bathroom remodel provided Lloyed with a relaxing space that is fully wheelchair accessible allowing him to live more independently in the years to come.