Finding Room – Adding a Second Story


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This small family from White Rock started out with a one bedroom ranch with an attached garage. Over the last four months we’ve been working with them to transform their home into a beautiful three bedroom cape, complete with a total first floor remodel. This major renovation updated their entire space to include a second story, a new kitchen, two new bathrooms as well as a new living room and bedrooms. This project initially began in January which made the building process a little challenging since unpredictable weather could seriously ruin the entire project and the family’s home. One of our lead carpenters, George set out to avoid any possible problems or mishaps that we might run into during the construction process. George managed to add this second story addition without ever leaving the family’s home open to mother nature; the original roof never come off during the construction of the second story. Although our crew has plenty of experience with second story additions, this method was a first for Village Builders.

crockettinsideGeorge engineered a method for our crew to leave the original roof on the house, build around it, then remove it when the new shell was completely  finished. This allowed us to maintain a livable space for our customers, as well as keeping their home protected from the Maine winter.

The picture to the left was taken during the construction of the second story framing over the existing structure. Notice you are looking at the peak of the original ranch’s roof, while underneath the roof of the new structure.

With the addition of the second story the home owners gained a tremendous amount of space, as well as a “new” home without having to give up the house and area that they love. This project is a great example of how much you can do to update a house. Your dream home can be the home you already live in, with hard work and patience. Check out the photo gallery below of before and after pictures, as well as the new updated interior!

Crockett Road