Updating your Assets: Sebago Brewing Company


The first thing that your customers see when they arrive at your business is the appearance of your building. What your headquarters looks like (may that be a restaurant, office building or garage) is essential to making customers feel comfortable and more motivated to use your services. It is never a bad idea or a bad time to give your business an update, especially with the summer months coming up. Spring and summer are always a busy time, so if your home or business is looking to do some renovations before things get too hectic, we’ve got the resources you’re looking for. This modernized deck is a practical example of the benefits of remodeling your assets without the hassle of intruding on your home, company or dwelling.

We recently finished this deck at Sebago Brewing Company on Elm Street in Gorham. We worked with Brad, Tim, Kai and the Sebago team to upgrade their space to a more comfortable, private and spacious dining area. This new addition to their restaurant will not only be more functional, but great for their business as they are the only restaurant in the area to offer spacious outdoor seating options. The old deck was stained from over-use and it dipped in the middle as a result of improper support; not safe or attractive for the company and its’ customers, so we went in and started all over! Building Sebago something brand new to share with the the town of Gorham will undoubtedly increase their traffic and their assets. This new deck was built with long lasting pressure treated framing and top of the line composite decking to ensure its’ integrity for years to come. No more dips, splinters or stains!

Stop into Sebago Brewing Company in Gorham and check out the new addition! Be sure to click the pictures below to browse where we started and ended, the step by step process and the final finished product!

Sebago Brewing Deck