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Needing more space in your house is a common road block all home owners experience at some point. Your house can already have everything you want but your family, business or circumstances may be growing while your space is not. The home you love already has the potential to be exactly what you need, browse our past additions and give us a call to set up a consultation today.

Sun Room Additions


Your house may not need a brand new second story, but could use a quiet place for you to relax. If you think you’ve got the space to expand but aren’t sure what to do about it, you may want to consider a sun room. Sun rooms are practical uses of space where you add on a small room to your existing house. Nothing too extravagant and an easy way to give you an extra room to relax. Sun rooms are great because they are your houses way of transitioning from inside to out, they can be framed brand new off your house or they can be part of your existing porch.


Second Story Additions


Though a little more time consuming, a second story addition is a great way to expand your home without taking up more space on your lot. A lot of the time, people love the house they live in but need more space for growing families or businesses. The process of building a second story can be less exhausting then buying a brand new home and is worth it in the long run. It adds value to your home while giving the home owners extra space that they need.

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