Meet the Team

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Dan G: Owner of Village Builders

Licenses/degrees: Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Maine class of 1981, which required 3 years of study in heat transfer and thermodynamics, backed by 5 additional years of experience with heat transfer modeling and heating system design.

On The Job: Dan has developed a heat loss/solar gain model for home and office design work, which has proven invaluable for situating projects properly on the site, sizing and locating windows, and establishing heating and ventilating system requirements. Dan also manages projects in the field and develops estimates in the office daily.

Gorham Community: Dan graduated from Gorham High School, as did all three of his children. He is also a Gorham resident.


2016-04-20 17.15.23George O: Lead carpenter, 7 years at VB, 28 years in carpentry.

Licenses: Degree from SMCC, licenses from Portland Regional Vocational Center, OSHA 10-hour.

On the Job: George’s expertise lies in framing and finish work. His favorite job was a second story addition on Crockett Road in Gorham.

Gorham Community: George lives in Gorham and his children attend Gorham schools.


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Gary M: Carpenter, 8 years at VB, 10 years in carpentry.

Licenses:  RRP Lead Safe certification by Abatement Professionals.

On the Job: Gary is the go to man for jobs no one else wants to do. Tile, paint and maintenance work are some of his specialties. Gary’s favorite job from the past was a custom master bathroom, where he got to do some custom designed tile work.

Gorham Community: Gary has worked in Gorham for almost ten years and has spent a lot of time in the area working on homes for many Gorham residents.


Gari P: Carpenter,


On the Job: 

Gorham Community:


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Ben W: Carpenter, 2 ½ years at VB, 10+ years in carpentry.

Licenses/Education: Attended USM’s construction project management course

On the Job: Ben’s expertise is in finish carpentry and framing. He has a lot of experience and gets enjoyment in custom projects.

Gorham Community: Ben went to the University of Southern Maine in Gorham.


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Rob S: Carpentry apprentice, 1 year at VB.

Licenses: Certificate of building trades from Westbrook Vocational School.

On the Job: Rob’s favorite part of carpentry is framing and the construction of the job. He feels that he’s learned a lot in the short amount of time he’s been working in carpentry.

Gorham Community: Rob graduated from Gorham High School and spent four years in the United States Navy before returning back to Gorham to pursue carpentry.


Brittany G: Office Manager

Licenses/Degrees:  Brittany graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Construction Management. Osha 30-hour, RRP Lead safe certification.

On the Job: Brittany has been around Village Builders from childhood with her father Dan, and project manages jobs in the Gorham area.

Gorham Community: Brittany is a graduate of Gorham High school and currently resides here as well.