Line Road; an old house learning new tricks


Image 1

Any old house is going to have problems, that’s a fact that most of us can relate to. We recognize that burden comes with the pleasure of an old home. Village Builders works on many old homes in Southern Maine, including this one on Line Road in Buxton. Here we find a typical early 1800’s farm house with a barn attached at the back. Originally constructed in 1812, this home was built with hand cut everything; posts, beams, joists, rafters, etc. Some of the original pieces are still intact today and are even being utilized in our renovation / addition project. Some key pieces are the old structural beams that now give the new kitchen ceiling its beautiful antique look (Image 1). This incorporation of original character while bringing a home into line with current style and technology is something we take pride in here at Village Builders. While we were able to easily make the old beams a nice decorative addition, the waves of the floors were not as easy.Continue reading