Updated Bathroom In Old Farmhouse Gorham Maine


Gorham, Maine began as a township given to soldiers and their families as a reward for fighting in the Narragansett War of 1675. But people didn’t begin settling in the town until 1738, when Maine was still apart of Massachusetts territory. The first houses built in Gorham were constructed with logs chinked with moss and clay to frame, but the majority of these Continue reading

Updating your Assets: Sebago Brewing Company


The first thing that your customers see when they arrive at your business is the appearance of your building. What your headquarters looks like (may that be a restaurant, office building or garage) is essential to making customers feel comfortable and more motivated to use your services. It is never a Continue reading

Contracting with the VA

Keeping in mind all that our veterans have done for our country made this job extra memorable for Village Builders.


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Complete Sun Room Addition

A couple on Cold Spring Lane really needed something more than just a basic back deck; somewhere to relax and put their feet up, even when the unpredictable Maine weather wasn’t really permitting. This is what we did for them:



On the left, we can see how this project started. A large deck off the back of the couples house made a great starting point for a sun room. The size of the existing deck even made the beginning stages a little easier on the carpenters. To the right, we can see the starting stages of framing. The entire room and openings are framed, and we can get an idea of what the room it’s self is going to look like. Later on, the walls and roof get built.

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